Some Woolman Ancestors
Charles Hurt Woolman
and family

Charles was born May 8, 1887,
in Arkansas, to
John and Mary Esther (Cooley)
Woolman. He married
Lyda[Lydia]Brown, daughter of
Patrick and Rebecca (Petty)
Brown. They resided in
Missouri. Six children were born
to the union.
Photo- Charles Hurt Woolman
with [from left to right]Clifford
Ival Woolman, Lyda
(Brown)Woolman holding
daughter, Eula, and Earl
Henry C. Woolman

Henry Clasper Woolman was
born July 6, 1861, in Kansas, to
John and Martha Jane (Ogan)
Woolman. He was the youngest
of ten children. He married
Rose M. Nazworthy and raised a
family of nine children in the area
of Vinita, Oklahoma.He passed
away on July 23, 1935 at the age
of 74.
Horace Mann Woolman

Horace was born December 23,
1853 in Damascus, Ohio, to
Enoch and Anna C. (Fowler)
He resided in
Garland County, Arkansas for a
number of years, where all of his
six children, issue of his first of
three wives, were born. He died
in 1932 in Orlando, Florida
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