Some Woolman Ancestors
Julia Jordan Woolman

Julia Jordan Woolman was born
April 16, 1867 in
Burlington, New Jersey to
John A. and Hannah (Early)
Woolman. She married Harry
Torrence Simon on June 26, 1902 in
Burlington. They had no children.
Both Harry and Julia are buried in the
IOOF Cemetery in Burlington.
Elizabeth L. Woolman

Elizabeth was born October 23,
1842 in Pennsylvania, to James
and Alice (Lewis) Woolman.She
married Charles A. Wiggins in
1877.  They had one child, Maud
Cleghorn Wiggins.
Elizabeth died in 1913 in
Philadelphia. Photo is in the
possession of Nathan Bailey at
Caroline Eugenia

Carrie was born to John A.
Woolman and Hannah Ann Early
on October 24,1864 in
Burlington, New Jersey.
She married
Jacob McBrien on July 21,1883
in Camden, New Jersey. They
had six children and live in
Bristol, Pa.