Some Woolman Ancestors
Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams was the first
born son of Lee and Ruth
[Woolman] Adams.
He died as a young man.
Photo is courtesy of
Margaret A. Highland.
Paul Adams

Paul Woolman Adams was
born February 5, 1894, in
San Antonio, Texas,
the second born son of
Lee A. and Ruth E.[Woolman]
He married Judith Marriner,
April 5, 1920.  They had two
sons, Paul and Lee.
He died on October 10, 1985.
Lee Wesley Woolman

Lee W. Woolman was born
December 13, 1897 in
Colorado.  He was the
youngest of five children born
to Granville and
Amanda[Stacy] Woolman.
He died in 1970.

Photograph is courtesy of
Margaret A. Highland
George Warren
Warren was born
July 27, 1894 in Colorado.  
He was the fourth child of
five born to Granville and
Amanda [Stacy] Woolman.

He died August of 1969.
This photo was taken
January 13, 1904.

Photograph is courtesy of
Margaret A. Highland
This photo is grouped with the
above two photos, but is
unmarked.  It is probably Jessie
M. Woolman, daughter of
Granville and Amanda [Stacy]

If you can confirm this, please
contact me.

Photograph is courtesy of
Margaret A. Highland
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