Some Woolman Ancestors
Irvin B. Woolman
Irvin B. Woolman was born
December 1877, to Howard and
Marie [Voss] Woolman.
He was the eldest of three children.
Irvin died October 10, 1918, less than
an hour after his wife died.
Photo is courtesy of Marge Rice.
Adams Homestead
This home was located at 311 West Woodlawn, San Antonio,
Texas, and was the home of Lee and Ruth [Woolman] Adams.

Below, seated to the left is Lee Adams, on the steps is Ruth,
and seated just above her is Helene Marriner, mother-in-law to
their son, Paul.
Lee Addison Adams

Lee A. Adams was born
May 15, 1859, in Iowa.
He and Ruth Elizabeth
Woolman were married
March 28, 1883,

Two sons were born to the
union, Douglas and Paul.

Lee died June 19, 1941.

Photograph is courtesy of
Margaret A. Highland
Ruth Elizabeth
Ruth was born November 12,
1861 in Iowa, to Benjamin
and Lydia [Hobaugh]

She was the seventh child
born to a family of 11 children.

Ruth died at the age of 100,
on August 24, 1962.

Photograph is courtesy of
Margaret A. Highland
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