Some Woolman Ancestors
The watercolor painting at the
left, 1847, shows the residence
[center building], and the store
[right] of Thomas Burr Woolman.  
Thomas was born 1796 and died
in 1868.  He owned and ran a
dry goods store at 67 Main
[High] Street, Burlington, N.J.

He and his wife, Elizabeth Mullin
Haines, live next door at 65 Main
[High] Street.

They raised five children in this
home, one of which was George
Woolman, who was the next
proprietor of the store.

George was born 1837 and died
in 1882.  He and his wife, Lavinia
Forgus had one child, Marian
Forgus Woolman.

The picture to the left is courtesy
of Ruth Hasler.   It is of the same
buildings sometime after 1868.
To the left is a close
up of the man in the
photo above.  Can
anyone identify
him?  He is prob.
George Haines
Woolman, but
verification would
be nice.
The buildings at the right are
the same as above, only at a  
Photo courtesy of Ruth Hasler.
The photo at the left is present
day at the same location.
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