Some Woolman Ancestors
Mildred Mae McCommon

Mildred was born
February 24,1899 in Hot Springs,
Arkansas to Charles Newton and
Frances (Woolman) McCommon.
She married Millard F. Hatridge
and they had three children.
Photo courtesy of Betty Johnson.
Enoch Woolman

Enoch was born February
15,1819 in Columbiana
County, Ohio, to Aaron and
Mary (Warrington)
Woolman.He married Anna
C. Fowler and they had five
children together. He died
March 11, 1895 in Hot
Springs, Arkansas. Photo
courtesy of Nancy Curry.
Esther Crew Woolman

Esther Crew Woolman was
born November 17, 1886. She
was the daughter of Benjamin
H. and Laura (Baughman)
Woolman. Her primary
residence was Hot Springs,
Ark. and she died there on
March 27, 1967. Original
portrait is a photo-portrait,
14x11, oval in shape, in a
frame. Portrait was donated to
the Garland County Historical
Society circa the 1930's. The
Genealogical Committee of the
John Woolman Memorial
Association is now in
possession of the portrait.
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