Some Woolman Ancestors
Anna Mary Woolman
Anna Mary Woolman was born
December 7, 1856 in
Burlington, New Jersey, to John
A. and Hannah Ann [Early]
She married George A. Oliver,
March 21, 1879 in Camden,
New Jersey.
George Oliver Clayton

George O. Clayton was the son of
May Oliver and George Clayton.
May was the daughter of Anna
Mary [Woolman] Oliver.
Lilly and Howard

Lilly May McBrien was born
January 10, 1884, in Bristol,
Penn. and died July 14, 1891.
Her brother, Howard Ingling
McBrien, was born May 7,
1885, in Bristol, Penn. and
died  September 27, 1887.  
Both were the children of
Jacob and Caroline E.
[Woolman] McBrien.
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