Some Woolman Ancestors
Louis Sanderson
Louis was born November 4,
1887, in Grant County,
Nebraska, fourth child to
Cassius Marcus Clay  and
Lucinda [Sanderson] Woolman.
He married twice. First to Clytie
Exline in 1909.  After her death,
he remarried to Mary Rezeaui.
Louis died in December of
1964, just two months after this
photo was taken.
Rebecca Warrington
[Matlack] Woolman

Rebecca W. Matlack was born
December 6, 1835.  She married
Reuben Woolman on Oct. 24,
1862 in Salem County, New
Jersey.  They had a family of nine
Rebecca died October 17, 1912 in
Woodstown, New Jersey.
Rebecca W. [Matlack]

Rebecca Woolman and her
Carrie S. O. Barth,
wife of
Joseph Pedrick Woolman.
Carrie was identified in this
photo by
Nancy Sellen.
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