Some Woolman Ancestors
The Smith Family
From left to right:
Alice Walter Smith, w/o Milo,
Milo Woolman Smith,
Martha Woolman Smith,
Alfred H.O. Smith,
Sarah Isabella Taggart,
and Stanley F. Smith.

Milo, Albert and Stanley, are children of
Jabez Smith and Martha Woolman,
Sarah Isabella (Sadie) is the daughter of
John P. Smith and Sarah Ann Sewell,.
Albert and Stanley are the two main
protagonists in the book, "From
Chickens to Prospecting" by Oscar
Robert Smith and
Charlotte Woolman

Charlotte Woolman was the daughter of
Asher and Margaret (Cowgill) Woolman.  
She was born 1845, married Robert Smith in
1872, and died in 1927.  Five children were
born to this union.
Photo is courtesy of Mimi Stevens.
Robert Smith and
Charlotte Woolman
Photo courtesy of Mimi Stevens
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