Some Woolman Ancestors
Elma and Grace

Elma and Grace were the
daughters of Horace Mann
Woolman and Louella Orr.  Both
were born in Hot Springs,
Arkansas. Photo is courtesy of
Nancy Curry.
Emma Pearl Woolman

Emma Pearl Woolman was born
November 3, 1880, in Madison
County, Indiana, first born child to
Charles A. Woolman and his wife,
Ocena Virginia Reger. This photo
was taken when she was sixteen
years of age. On June 20, 1900, she
and William Clossen Newman were
married in Anderson, Madison
County.  She died October 9, 1952
in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Photo is
courtesy of Linda Frydl.
Mary Ella Woolman

Mary Ella Woolman was born
July 23, 1857, in Cincinnati,
Ohio to William R. and
Elizabeth (Sharp) Woolman.  
She was the second born to that
union.  Mary married Elias E.
Finch October 8, 1878 in
Cincinnati, Ohio and had a
family of five children. She died
March 1, 1917 in Los Angeles,
California.  Photo is marked,
"E.E. Finch, Mary E.
(Woolman) Finch, and William
E. Finch 1st."  Photograph is
courtesy of Tom and Susie
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