Some Woolman Ancestors
Mary Alice LeValley

Mary A. LeValley was born
January 9, 1918 to Franklin O.
and Alice [Hulse]LeValley. She
married Walter A. Mahns on
June 9, 1940 in Red Bank, New
Jersey. They had two children,
Walter Robert and Mary Elise.
Mary died on February 18, 1978
in Long Branch, New Jersey.
Photo is courtesy of Elise Brand.
William Joel Woolman

William J. Woolman was born
November 20, 1857, to Samuel
and Unity [French] Woolman, the
sixth of eight children.  William
married Sarah Ann Johnson on
January 3, 1886, in Jennings
County, Indiana.  They had a
family of six children.  William
died on October 4, 1917 and
Sarah followed him in 1957.  Both
of them are buried in Hopewell
Quaker Cemetery, Butlerville,
Indiana.  Photo is courtesy of
Mrs. Janetta Bush..
Carl Woolman

Carl Woolman was born
November 15, 1877, in Little
Rock Arkansas, to Horace
Mann Woolman and his wife,
Louella Orr.  He married and
had a family of three children,
Julia, Roy and Rex.  He died
November 5, 1946 in
Washington state. Photo is
courtesy of Nancy Curry.
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