Woolman Central
The John Woolman Memorial
Located at 99 Branch Street, Mount Holly, New Jersey, the Memorial house was built
between 1771 and 1783 and is on the site of part of John Woolman's orchard.

The purpose of the John Woolman Memorial Association is to keep alive the spirit and
memory of John Woolman and to seek those in whose lives that spirit may grow and serve.
Of Genealogical interest-
Welcome to "Woolman Central".
My name is Judy R. Hynes and I have been collecting information on
descendants for about twenty years now.
Volume one of the genealogy was published by the John Woolman Memorial
Association in December of 1997.  I am currently working towards an eventual
second volume and welcome any and all descendant's contributions towards
including their particular lines.
Please drop me an email at
Judyhynes@msn.com and we'll find out how you are
connected to the family tree!
The two largest groups of Woolmans in the
United States, belong to either the family of
Quaker descent, immigrating to America in
1678, or of a family that descends from the
two Woolmans, Alfred and his brother,
William, who immigrated to America in 1871.

There is also a sizable family of
descendants associated with upstate
New York/Michigan.

If you feel that you descend from the Quaker
line, you are in the right place!
If you feel that you descend from the
NY/MI Woolmans,
or if you think you might descend from the
Leicester, England family, who immigrated in
1871, drop me an email and I will direct you.
*Unknown Woolman Descendants
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Various genealogical data, -page 1, - page 2,
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Did you miss the annual 2005 lecture presented by
Daniel Seeger?
You can read all about it here!
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Wattles' informative page!
The Annual Lecture 2006
"Healing from Slavery, War, and Genocide: Lessons from
John Woolman and Friends in Rwanda and Burundi", was
given by David Zarembka
October 22nd, 2006.
To read a transcript of his lecture
Click here !
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*Woolman Hill-Retreats and workshops
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The Annual Lecture 2004 featuring Dr. Michael A. Heller
The John Woolman Memorial Association received an operating support grant from
The New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of the Department of State.
The Annual meeting of the JWMA
Saturday, June 14, 2014
10:00 am to 1:00pm
followed by
Historian Paul Schopp,
speaking on his findings about the history of the
nding with a potluck lunch.
All are welcome!
Departing from the
John Woolman Memorial
Arriving in Wyalusing
Click here to read:

John Woolman’s
Wyalusing Journey

Carol Walz
June 22, 2013

Come visit us at
99 Branch Street
Mt. Holly, N.J.